Carbon negative business travel

COCO+ travel™ planet positive business travel. Every trip offset+ with no extra effort and at zero extra cost.

Business Travel with purpose

Access a world of travel and accommodation content all in an intuitive platform. Give your travellers the freedom to book when they want all whilst COCO+ takes care of your carbon footprint.

  • We prioritise the most sustainable options
  • Seamless platform to book your trips
  • Personal preferences & airline loyalty programs

We offset the travel emissions from your full trip verifiably through our third-party validated CO₂ removal projects. Enabling your business to travel Net Zero.

Small Change – Big Impact

Nothing to it

Net zero travel at zero extra cost. Easily book, authorise and manage your company's travel and accommodation through a single platform.

  • Customisable approval policies
    • Track your team's travel requests and emissions
  • Supercharge your CSR
    • Make a big impact through a simple change

A whole host of other features we couldn't not tell you about

Always the best deal

Making net zero travel easy and affordable for everyone.

Geek out on the Data

Real time reporting at the touch of a button, available anytime and anywhere

Peace of Mind

Always know where your people are in the world, understand country risk, the latest covid updates and make contact when needed

"We have supercharged our carbon removal"

James Wright, Managing Director

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